The Galileo Masters 2014 competition has started!

Starting from the 1st of April you can send your innovative idea for satellite navigation use to Galileo Masters – the European Satellite Navigation Competition. A number of prizes has been already dedicated to the Polish edition of this competition. Starting from 1st of April 2014, you can sign up at the European Galileo Masters competition and send your idea for satellite navigation use. The proposals may be submitted by individuals, teams, organizations or companies. The ideas for Global Navigation Satellite System usage may relate to any branch of science, economy or daily life. It can be an innovative service, a product or idea for scientific research.

Registration and proposal submitting takes places at the main competition webpage at: Proposals may be submitted by the end of June. Until that time representatives of with support of the Black Pearls team will conduct workshops on Galileo Masters and application ideas in various cities across Poland. The first workshop will take place in Gdansk on the 16th of April, at the AIP Business Link Trójmiasto Headquarters.

The winner of the Polish edition will receive a cash prize, attractive internships in Poland and abroad, training, IT services and help from advisers and specialists, which will be essential to transform the idea into a real product or service. The list of prizes will be published soon – they are very attractive in comparison to other regional ENSC organisers!

The regional competition leads to the international finale, which will be celebrated in autumn at a ceremonial gala in Munich. The main international prize is 20 000 Euro and a possibility of business incubation at the European space industry incubator network.

A first workshop dedicated to the Galileo Masters 2014 competition in Poland will be held in AIP Business Link Trójmiasto (Olivia Business Centre) in Gdańsk on 16th of April. You are cordially invited!